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Overview of the Buyer Process

This is a quick overview of what a buyer can expect when purchasing their next house in Texas. For more information on each item,  click the icon. Remember, this is just a basic overview, your transaction could be a bit different.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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Get started on your mortgage pre-approval or proof of funds if you will be using cash. 

Hire RHT to help you find, secure, and ultimately purchase your home!.

Set you up on your customized search portal. 

Add your criteria to our EXCLUSIVE Buyer Registry.




RHT negotiates on your behalf and you execute a contract on your new home!

Write offer(s)

Start touring homes

Your option

period starts.

Inspection(s) happen during

the option period. 

End of your

option period.

RHT negotiates repairs (if any) on your behalf. 

If you are utilizing a mortgage to purchase your home, then an appraisal will be ordered. 

Appraisal due date.

Your final walk-through to check that repairs are completed and check the house out before you officially own it!



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