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Park in the Fall

Before entering the Real Estate Industry, she was a Compliance Manager for DeVille Asset Management. She believes that continuing her education is a big key to being successful in this ever-changing real estate market. Her experience in Compliance and Operations Management has helped her to not only exceed in customer service but also to keep an eye on the details. Joining a team with such experience in the industry has only helped to further her knowledge in this ever-changing industry. Megan has been married for 3 years and they have a beautiful daughter. Family is an important aspect of her life, not only her husband and daughter but the families they now share and the 4 nephews that they have had the opportunity to watch grow into a wild group of cousins who love each other dearly. Megan continues to challenge herself daily to become a better agent for her clients and a better role model for the family she has created. 

More About Megan...
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