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We live in a day and age of technology and buying online when and where you want. Why should selling your home be any different? We don't think it should be either. If you're not looking to hire a traditional real estate team you've come to the right place!  We work hard to find programs and partner with other companies to bring our clients options that are "outside the box". We also believe selling your home doesn't need to be about smoke and mirrors. We lay it all out in front of you, no fluff, no "hard sell". Our goal when we meet is to fully understand your goals, wants and needs and we lay out options that best sute you. 

Day and age of technology!


Did you know you have options when selling?

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Fast & Easy

Cash Offer

This seller is looking for the EASY BUTTON when it comes to selling. They want to sell quickly, with as little fuss as possible. This might be a seller who is on a very strict timeline. In this option, we set a plan in motion to get them sold without having to make their bed, pick up stuff, clean the shower or vacuum themselves out of the house every time someone wants to see it.



This is for the seller who is looking to get as much money (highest net) as they can from the sale of their home and they are ready to do whatever it takes to do it! They have no problem with keeping the home clean and show ready, nor are they in a huge hurry. We will set a plan in place to get you sold for as much and as easy as possible.

Signing a Contract
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Short & Sweet


This option is for the seller that wants to "test the waters". The ideal seller is someone who would sell IF they got $________ for their house. They only want to dip their toe in and see if they can get the PERFECT offer for their home.