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Moving and Packing... HELP!

When moving is on the horizon, there are tons of things to think about and movers and packing is usually on the top of the list! We have just 2 tips when it comes to moving and packing, check them out below!

  1. HIRE IT DONE, don't do it yourself! Take it from us (we've lost count of how many times we've moved) it makes things so much easier! It's tough to know who to hire, so below is a list of great moving comapnies we recommend to all of our clients.


Black Ops Movers

(469) 344-9544

Carte Blanche Moving


2. Let's talk about packing... something we think will be easy and for some reason we conviently forget HOW MUCH STUFF WE HAVE!! Once again, our suggestion is to HIRE IT DONE! Why wouldn't you hire someone who does this for a living? They know how to pack things very efficiently. You can even work along side of them to sort your stuff as they pack, keep, donate, trash, etc, they can even help you decide... "does it bring you joy?"


Inside the Box Packing

(972) 768-0979

We're sure there lots of other tips you can find on moving, we find these 2 to be the easiest ones to follow! Oh, and let us know if you have great vendors! We're always up to meeting new amazing companies!

Till next time!


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