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The Last Hurdle..... Closing Time!

Take a deep breath! You've almost crossed the finish line!

Closing is what we are all working toward! It's the very last step in the process.

This is where everyone will sign all legal documents to make the sale official.

Usually, this is done at a title company. We will coordinate with you and schedule a time for you to go into the title company to sign as we get closer to the closing date.

Please start making plans to arrange time off or a babysitter (if needed).

The closing date will be on your transaction timeline. Please remember, there may be circumstances that will cause this date to change. Don't worry, we'll keep you updated throughout the whole process.

When you come to the title company for closing, please have a valid ID or passport with you as well as, wiring instructions to give to the escrow officer to send your proceeds once the loan has been funded and closed. If you would rather have a check cut, they can do that too. We just need to let them know.

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