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Inspections...yes, most buyers will get one!

Most likely, the buyer will set up an inspection of the home. If there is an option period, it will be done during this time. When the contract is signed and executed all parties are agreeing to allow the buyer to have any inspection they feel is needed. Again, most times it will be done during the option period.

As the seller, you should make the house available during "reasonable times" to allow for this and have all utilities on. When the buyer schedules it, you will be notified through Showing Time, just like a regular showing. Be on the lookout for an INSPECTION APPOINTMENT. Some sellers are so excited to be under contract and not have to show the house anymore, they just decline everything from Showing Time. If there is truly a conflict, let us know so we can work it out with the buyer's agent.

Inspectors are licensed by the state just like real estate agents. This means they are also fingerprinted and background checked and they will have their own SUPRA key, just like agents. This will allow them to be able to access the key in the box, so no need for anyone to be there to let them in.

It is best if you are NOT there when the inspection is going on. Sometimes, the buyer will come with the inspector. The whole inspection should take around 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Once the inspection is completed, the buyer might request you to complete repairs or ask for an allowance so they can complete the repairs once they own the house. This is all negotiable and we will always discuss the options so you can make an educated decision.

Keep in mind, there is always a possibility of repairs that might have to be completed in order for the buyer to get the loan or get homeowners insurance. These could be things like replacing the roof or major safety issues. This isn't the case with every transaction, it's just a possibility.

We will be in touch with you when/if we get a request from the buyer for any type of repairs.

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